Eriol, Sergeant-at-Arms
Introduction to the Ninth.
Welcome to the Forgotten Company, Last Free Company of Kthan, and at times, called the Ninth Company.

Don’t worry about memorizin’ all of it, it don’t really matter none, your looking to join up and no one except the wizard cares about what men now dead and gone fought for. However, be sure to watch what you say or ask ‘round the cap’n, he be a fair sight older than he appears an’ don’t take kindly to any speakin’ ill o’ the dead.

Your just in time anyhow, word is were gettin’ ready to be marchin’, some expedition for a rich bastard, up in one o’ those estates, dyin’ be all accounts. Hells, i could think of a thing or two to be better spending my coin as as i lay dyin’, but as long as I be gettin’ paid, what do I care.

Well, s’pose that’ll be enough jabberin; Be sure ye fill out th’ recruitment forms wit all th’ regular information, the wizard can help ye ifin’ ye don’t know yer letters, you can do that Here and find out more Here and once yer done there you’ll settle into th’ most common task we soldiers have, waitin’.