Elvren Sukkor


Perhaps one of the least likable people you’ve ever had the displeasure to meet, Sukkor has managed to irritate practically everyone with his blatant disregard for pleasantries and politeness. And telling people you look forward to their death doesn’t tend to be the best opener. Still he has managed to form a small following among the more thuggish soldiers in the company, almost like a gang. He rules over them through fear and intimidation, and the occasional beatdown. Compared to Timmay his life is great, with minions to do his bidding and enough women attracted to his assholery for some godforsaken reason, as they always seem to be, to keep him ‘entertained’.

Just goes to show, give a elf a somewhat tragic past, a ass hole personality, and fangirls will come in droves. Just be happy his hair isn’t long, or spikey.


Elvren Sukkor

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