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Ability Scores

To determine your ability scores you have a 24d6 dice pool available, you will select the ability you are rolling for, then the number of die, to a minimum of three. Rolling this amount you will then record that ability score. This in effect gives the same number of die as the standard 4d6, take highest 3 method, but allows you to weaken some in order to have better odds on another. Or you can simply roll 4d6 for each, your choice.

These rolls must be made at the invisible castle website, use the name section to place the characters name followed by the individual stat you are rolling. Copy the links and post them with your character sheet, or in a e-mail to me.

Invisible Castle Dice Roller:


All standard races are allowed, and non-standard will be considered, but require you to submit them for approval along with a brief explanation of why they would be a part of the campaign. So if you want to play a Aasimar, or Kobold, be sure include a brief backstory as to why this specific creature is a part of the group.


All first party classes are allowed, including beta classes, with the exception of summoners. Summoners are too much hassle, they do not exist in this campaign, at least in that form. Beta classes, notably the samurai and ninja will require a explanation of why they are in the west, as well I request that if you play any beta class, you are sure to give paizo feedback on it on the official boards.

Starting Wealth

Starting wealth is 19,500, and as per the rules you may spend no more than 25% of the sum on a single item. You may note this is just below the wealth by level, the missing gold is assumed to have been spent on consumed resources, or other non-refundable uses. Such as used potions, bribes, inn rooms, etc.

Natural Leaders

*This only applies to the original three, I had started this campaign with only three players, but it seems to have filled out since.

Due to the smaller group, all characters are treated as having the leadership feat in this campaign for the purpose of attracting a cohort. This does not grant followers however. These cohorts are to be rolled up as a 5th level heroic character using the same rules above. They have a starting wealth of 10,500gp, no more than 25% of which can be spent on a single item. If you have any abilities that would grant leadership, they instead grant you followers and allow your cohort to be just one level lower than you, instead of two.

In case of death, these characters are likely to step up and fill the now vacant role, and attracting one of the mercenary band to become their follower in a similar fashion as they once served. While the cohort will level up as needed, the new cohort will be required to have a mercenary background.

Character Creation

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