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Fading Empire
Taldor is a declining empire on the eastern edge of the inner sea region. Once the most powerful empire in the area, following a invasion by Qadira they were forced to expend all their resources to turn them back. As a result many of their former holdings rose up and declared themselves independent and Taldor lacked the resources to bring them to heel while fighting Qadira. Once they turned the tide of invasion, they found themselves crippled, although you wouldn’t think it by their attitude.

Presently they are self involved with a weak ruler, nobles squabble in a bloated aristocracy that lords over a lower class with an unfeeling iron fist. The military, despite under funded and supplied, still retains a strong front under a talented leadership, and the decline yet continues.

Presently things are peaceful, as much so as one can expect, though tension is high with Qadira despite the last hundred years of peace between the historic enemies; rumor has it the Qadiran leader desires a pretext for invasion.